Upcycled carbon fiber sheet in plain twill and checker weave

Carbon Fiber Sheet

Our carbon fiber sheets are made from
upcycled aerospace trim scrap

Why Carbon Fiber

Learn about the advantages
over metal and wood

Custom Parts made from upcycled carbon fiber

Custom Parts

CNC Routing and
Waterjet Cutting

From Production Waste To Custom Parts

We take carbon fiber trim scrap from the waste stream of rocket production and turn it into high quality, flat sheets and custom parts.

Collection of Carbon Fiber Trim Scrap from Aerospace industry

Collection of Trim Scrap

The aerospace industry throws away over 10 million pounds of trim scrap and expired material each year. We collect the material from suppliers in Southern California.

Carbon Fiber Pre-preg Trim Scrap Processing

Sorting & Processing

Trim scrap comes in different shapes and sizes. We sort through the trim scrap and process it into standardized sizes and shapes for use in our kits.

Pressed carbon fiber flat sheets using aerospace trim scrap

Pressing Into Flat Sheets

We use the processed material to make kits of different thicknesses which go into our heated press where they are cured and made into high quality flat sheets.

Custom Cut Carbon Fiber Pieces

Cutting Custom Parts

Our flat sheets can be cut into smaller sizes or into custom parts with our carbon fiber machining services. We support many different industries that value strength and light weight.

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