Collection and Transportation Service

Elevated Materials is based in Southern California but collects carbon fiber scrap material nationwide. For our partners in Southern California, we are a collection service provider and are able to make material pick-ups on an as-needed basis. For companies not local to Southern California, we are able to build strategies that work for your material disposal needs.

Collection of Carbon Fiber Trim Scrap from Aerospace industry

What Material Do We Collect?

Elevated Materials is focused on collecting uncured prepreg scrap. The primary resin system that we use is epoxy, but we are able to make use of others as well.

Ply Cutter Trim

Edge Slit

Out of Spec Rolls

Supplier Anonymity

Elevated Materials works with suppliers in a program that is comfortable to both parties. With us you are able to promote your sustainability efforts or remain behind the scenes completely anonymous. We understand that scrap material collected contains intellectual property and we build a system with each supplier to properly handle it.

Reach out to us today to start recycling your carbon fiber