Elevated Materials is launching a made-to-order program for carbon fiber connectors for T slot and 80/20 aluminum framing extrusions.

T slot (or T track or 80/20) aluminum framing is very popular for it's versatility. Many people consider it to be the modern equivalent of an erector set for adults, you can get all different sizes and lengths and create whatever you need. In our shop we have used T slot aluminum extrusions for many different applications, from display stands, to tables, to framing for our routers. There are two important parts to the versatility of aluminum T slot framing, first is the aluminum T slot extrusions, and the second part is the system of connectors that connect and join the aluminum T slot extrusions together.

T slot aluminum extrusions
T slot framing with carbon fiber connector plates

When we were making the table for our tile saw, we found that we didn't order enough connector plates. We considered ordering more when we realized we could make these ourselves out of carbon fiber and not wait for the new pieces to be delivered. After we cut them out and assembled them, we were really happy with the way it looked, the carbon fiber really stood out. Now we want to offer everyone else the same option for their T slot framing applications. 

You can visit www.elevatedmaterials.com/carbon-fiber-t-slot-connectors/ and send us an inquiry or give us a call, we are happy to help.

T slot display stand with carbon fiber connector plates

The image above shows a display stand we made for when we attend trade shows like SAMPE and CAMEX.

The video below shows the table we made for our tile saw.

Currently we are only making flat connector plates, if you know the parts you need, you can send us the link to the site with the dimensions, or you can send us a drawing for any custom connector plates you need.

In the future we plan to stock the most common connectors and have them available for purchase from our shop. We are also working on carbon fiber angle bracket and we hope to have those available soon.

T slot display stand with carbon fiber connector plates

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