What does Elevated Materials do?

In addition to our carbon fiber sheet and billet manufacturing, we offer a wide range of machining and finishing services to deliver finished parts that can be used in a wide range of applications. All of these processes take place in-house giving us a lot of flexibility and allows us to pivot quickly and make changes or adjustments to better satisfy our customers needs.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

Unlike many other manufacturers that require a minimum order quantity or charge prices that are cost prohibitive, Elevated Materials works with and welcomes projects that are still in early development where the parts are still prototypes. We have and continue to work with a large number of companies that are developing new products or solutions at economical prices. Throughout the development process we are also always available to answer any questions a customer may have regarding our material and our manufacturing process. This allows us to deliver a better product when doing production runs at larger volumes.

What is the average lead time for custom projects or parts?

Given that almost 100% of our manufacturing process is handled in-house we also have the capability to take on projects that require very quick turnaround times. By maintaining ample stock and relying on a multitude of machines we are able to expedite projects that have tight deadlines whether it’s a prototype or a high volume order. For larger projects that are ongoing we also offer the option to do partial shipments to ensure that our customers are able to continue their operations.

How does Elevated Materials ensure a high standard of quality controls?

We have baseline inspection standards which include FAI on every machined part as well as inspection on all stock products that we manufacture. For orders or projects that require more than a standard inspection we offer services that include more thorough inspection practices which are categorized on a graded scale. Depending on the requirements of the project we extend these services.