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Waterjet Cutting

Our in-house Waterjet allows us to the cut the exact part or sheet you order. It's highly effective for perimeter cuts and interior cut-outs, especially for thicker material. Each part is carefully inspected with precision and accuracy both before and after the cutting process.



    • 6' x 12' cut area
    • No delaminations. Ever.
    • Thicknesses range from 1/64" - 2"

Carbon Fiber Machining

Our experience in machining carbon fiber using either a CNC router is unparalleled. The router at Elevated Materials is great for pockets, grooves or edge chamfers. Using a 3D model, provided by the customer, or designed by Elevated Materials, we can cut almost any type of feature accurately and precisely.



    • Chamfers, 3D contours, fillets, and countersinks
    • Sheets and plates: 2' x 3'
    • Tubes: 24" long x 6" - 30" diameter
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Custom Carbon Fiber Sheets

Our team can manufacture sheets to order depending on the application and type of material available. This includes quasi-isotropic layups, aluminum honeycomb panels, or sheets with a peel-ply on side. Custom thicknesses, sizes, and shapes are all possible with Elevated Materials.



    • Dimensions range between 24" x 60" x 0.015" - 2+"
    • Custom layups
    • Multiple cosmetic weaves

Featured Projects

T slot display stand with carbon fiber connector plates

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