Carbon Fiber Manufacturing

Our focus is on carbon fiber manufacturing and we offer a number of services to our customers. In addition to our flat sheets we can manufacture large volumes of custom parts. Many of our customers are new to working with carbon fiber, so we help them to understand the characteristics and advantages of the material as well as the challenges and different manufacturing processes that are employed. We work with them every step of the way from concept generation, to getting a prototype made, to fulfilling orders after the product is launched. 

Our Services

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Design and 3D Modeling

Creating an accurate 3D model is essential to making quality parts. We use SolidWorks, a computer aided design and engineering program, to create 3D models based on the customer's dimensions and input. These models will allow the customer to confirm the fit and function of the part and view a rendering of the what the actual piece would look like.

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Custom Tooling

In order to make carbon fiber parts you need the proper tooling, and we are experienced with making tooling economically. We do the tool design and a lot of the tool manufacturing in-house which helps to keeps the costs down and ensures that it is done right. We can make tooling for flat, round or complex shapes.

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CNC Cutting

We have a CNC waterjet and CNC router for cutting carbon fiber material. The waterjet works well for perimeter cuts and interior cut-outs, especially for thicker material, while the router is great for pockets, grooves or edge chamfers. Using a 3D model, provided by the customer, or designed by Elevated Materials, we can cut almost any type of feature accurately and precisely.

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Order Fulfillment

For many of our customers, it is easier for us to ship direct to their customers or distributors. We are happy to handle the packaging and shipment of orders so that our customers don't need to worry about storage and logistics.