"Space Grade" Carbon Fiber Material

Space shuttle Discovery launch

Rockets and space craft experience extreme loads and forces when launched into space. In order to survive this they must be constructed with strong and durable materials. Another important factor for rockets is weight, that is why carbon fiber is the go-to material for the space industry.

All of our products are made with the same carbon fiber material used in the commercial space flight industry. That is why we say our material is "Space Grade," it has literally been designed for space travel.

The carbon fiber material we use is resin impregnated woven cloth that is commonly referred to as "pre-preg." It is made with high quality carbon fibers combined with space industry defined resin systems, which separates our material from the rest. Many companies will cut cost with lower quality fibers or inferior resin systems that aren't as durable.

We use heated compression molding to cure the pre-preg material into flat sheets, which we sell on our site. We offer a wide selection of flat sheet with many choices for size and thickness; custom sizes and cuts are also available. We also offer services to support end-to-end part manufacturing, from product design through fulfillment. Click the links below to learn more. 

Raw prepreg checker weave carbon fiber


Our plain weave is anything but plain. It uses a 3k tow (3000 filaments per fiber), and offers a uniform, symmetric weave pattern that provides strength in both the horizontal and vertical directions. Made by Cytec, it uses their MTM45-1 resin system.


Twill is the most recognizable weave for carbon fiber. Our twill uses a 3k tow (3000 filaments per fiber) and has improved structural strength. This material is produced by TenCate and uses their TC275-1 resin system.


Checker is a very distinctive weave with the large squares made with 12k spread tow (12,000 fibers per filament). This uniform pattern gives it higher tensile and compressive strength. Toray makes this material and uses their 2510 resin system.